'Batman Begins' out on Blu-ray this summer


Two versions of WB’s hit ‘Batman Begins’ will be rereleased this July on Blu-ray. The HD DVD version was released in October of 2006 and Warner held back a Blu-ray version because the format was unable to support the “In-Movie Experience” PIP feature. HD DVD never had that problem. Along with a standard Blu-ray version there will be a “Limited Edition Gift Set” chocked full of goodies.

Among the goodies in the Gift Set are a Batman Begins motion art lenticular, script pages, exclusive photos, storyboards, five collectible Batman Begins postcards, an exclusive comic book prologue to the upcoming sequel ‘The Dark Knight” (set to hit theaters July 18), plus $7.50 in Movie Cash towards buying a ‘Dark Knight’ ticket.

The limited edition version will most likely retail for $49.99 while the standard version will go for $28.99. Mark your calendars, folks. July 8th is the day all you Blu-ray fanboys can watch the Dark Knight.

Warner Announces Dual ‘Batman Begins’ Blu-rays [via HMM]