Ukrainian hacker runs for office, would like to be having date with your sister


Dmitri Ivanovich Golubov aka Script has started the Internet Party of Ukraine and is running for office in Kiev. Script, 24, was arrested in 2005 for creating, a forum dedicated to sharing credit and debit card numbers.

“I belong to a rare category of people who go into politics is not for the profit, but for the sake of ideas,” Golubov wrote in a (rough Google-translated) biographical statement accompanying a picture of himself on the party’s Web site. “I am not interested in money, as the purpose of life. I get pleasure when helping other people, and I am willing to devote their lives to this.”

The kid wants to build free-trade zones on Ukraine’s water and basically make a nice, fat tax haven for kids like himself. Most importantly, however, getting into government would grant him immunity to prosecution. Smart kid.

Check out his company’s web ad after the jump. Warning: May cause glowsticks to appear in your hands.