Smart Goggles 'remember' where you left your keys


Yes, these glasses are ugly, but at the same time they’re incredibly useful. Developed in Japan, these Smart Goggles can “remember” things you’ve seen thanks to an on-board camera and computer. So, for example, let’s say you can’t find where you last put your keys or cellphone. The Goggles’ built-in computer then searches its memory for the last known location of the items. Presto, no more lost odds and ends.

The researchers behind the Smart Goggles readily admit that miniaturization technology isn’t quite there yet, which means that the camera and computer are still too bulky for mass production. That said, at a recent demonstration of the technology, the Goggles were able to recognize more than 60 objets, including a hammer and Biggs’ dignity.

Lots of weird but useful stuff coming out of Japan as of late…

The Smart Goggles that could make lost keys, mobile phones or iPod a thing of the past [Daily Mail via Drudge Report]