Samsung, DDD ink deal for upcoming 3D HDTVs


The DDD Group, they’re a 3D software company, has joined forces with Samsung to integrate its TriDef 3D functionality into low cost 3D chips for upcoming generations of Samsung’s 3D HDTVs. However, DDD will have to reach a certain technical milestone for a prototype chip, which they expect to be finished sometime in the first half of this year before they receive their development fee. From there they’ll be adequately compensated for their work.

Here’s a little backgrounder on DDD and what they do:

DDD’s solutions provide an important bridge between conventional two-dimensional (2D) software applications and content and the new 3D displays. Normal 2D pictures, video and computer graphics images are manipulated by DDD’s patented software enabling them to be displayed on 3D displays without requiring the content to be created specially for a 3D display. DDD’s solutions also enable automatic conversion of virtually any media from 2D to 3D without any pre-processing of the 2D image.