Microsoft's new keyboard/mouse combo looks pretty solid

I’ve been a Logitech guy for a while now, but before that I had an excellent Microsoft keyboard/mouse combo, and this new offering looks nice enough to perhaps tempt me back to the dark side. Or the translucent side, really. They say the design is inspired by Aero, but unlike that demanding Vista feature, this keyboard’s good looks don’t require an extra gig of RAM.

I like the three softkeys on the top, which are programmed by simply holding one down while you’re at a website or in an app you use a lot. Makes it easy to do on the fly, unlike my current keyboard. Can’t say I’m excited about the gadgets button (I don’t use Vista, or even widgets on OSX) or the Windows Live Call button (I don’t use Messenger), but the calculator button would be incredibly handy. The mouse looks, well, functional. I’ll hang onto my G9 for now. Look for the new Wireless Desktop Laser 7000 in late April for around $130.

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