Helios Labs brings forth new eMule and BitTorrent-enabled media servers


Back in the ’90s, we all thought convergence was going to be watching TV on your computer, or browsing the Internet on your TV. Now that we have it, it’s different, but better than both of those things combined. Xbox 360, Apple TV, and now the Helios Odyssey media servers. The bring-your-own-HDD devices hook into your HTN (Home Theater Network, yes, we’re coining the phrase right here) and gives you a media server with built-in eMule and BitTorrent access.

It’s about what you think; you search for a movie on BitTorrent through the box, it automatically finds and downloads compatible versions to play back and add to your library.

The device is more than just a glorified media server, it’s a whole system, including set-top boxes for your various TVs throughout the house, as well as your iPods and other media devices.

While we’re not totally clear on the legality of such a box, we do know that we want one.

Helios Labs Odyssey Series [Helios Labs]