G-Fi: GPS to WTF converter


Not sure about the specific useficality of this device, but it basically adds GPS functionality to Wi-Fi devices using software plug-ins. Yeah, I don’t get it either. The website consists of marketing speak and rendered pictures, so let’s hope we can get in touch with these guys to figure out what’s going on.

UPDATE – Patent horror!

GoMite are pursuing IP infringement against PosiMotion and would request
pulling the article from your site. The company founder, Clayton Kane, had
contacted us earlier this year asking to be a developer for our product and
has since published a website purporting to have a very similar product to
our locoGPS WiFi Mobile Navigation Server. We recently announced our
product at CeBIT and we believe PosiMotion is reactively promoting a
competing concept to gain public attention.

Update from Posimotion:

No person or company has ever accused PosiMotion of infringing any of their intellectual property rights. In this instance, there were never any threats or actual infringement against PosiMotion. The above post is without any merits and incorrect. PosiMotion is in the business of providing GPS and Wi-Fi® services for portable modern devices and has taken all the proper and necessary steps to protect and ensure its intellectual property rights. For further information concerning PosiMotion’s G-Fi™, please email info@posimotion.com.