Mooon+ cellphone and its detachable Bluetooth earpiece


Not to take anything away from today’s other big cellphone news, but you may want to sit down for this. This particular phone, the Mooon+, which is currently just a concept, one-ups the iPhone by having a built-in, detachable Bluetooth dongle. (Of course, the iPhone, in turn, one-ups the Mooon+ by being real.)

To me, it sorta looks like a cross between a SideKick3 and a BlackBerry Pearl, only with a touchscreen. Like it or not, the touchscreen is here to stay. I guess it’s just one of those things I’ll have to get used to, lest I come across as a luddite, which I’m not. I’m just grumpy and resistant to change.

Another Touchscreen Phone But Wait, This One Has A Surprise! [Yanko Design]