MacBooks for all at Oklahoma Christian University


Oklahoma Christian University joins the list of colleges across the country to “give away” Apple products to incoming freshman. New students will receive a MacBook and their choice of an iPhone or iPod Touch. Of course we all know that the costs of such giveaways are built into the ever-rising tuition at schools everywhere but it’s a nice way for kids to get some new gadgets as they start the school year.

From the school’s website…

This summer, all faculty and all new students attending New Student Orientations will be issued a new Apple MacBook. Current students also will be given the opportunity to trade in their PC laptop for an Apple MacBook. This MacBook mobile learning initiative and the reliable campus-wide wireless infrastructure will allow OC to continue to provide opportunities for anytime, anywhere access to media-rich distributed course content.

In addition to the MacBook, the University will be able to offer students an option of either an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. The University is providing this option with the understanding that some students will not want to activate the iPhone with the associated service contract and costs, while others will prefer the iPhone and the added capabilities. The student will be responsible for the activation of the iPhone with the service provider.

Man, you kids have it easy. Back in my collegiate days (1997 – 2001) we didn’t have ubiquitous wireless internet or fancy iPods. I had to hook my 6 pound Toshiba laptop up to any open ethernet port I could find. And we didn’t get “free” computers. My first college computer was a $3700 Sony VAIO desktop with a Pentium 166MHz processor with MMX extensions. I played Quake all the live-long day. Quake!

And bringing your laptop to class? Unheard of. I bought a PDA-type device with a QWERTY keyboard that I would hold up to a payphone where it would then dial up a number with an old school modem and e-mail my notes to me. People thought I was crazy. I’d just yell at them, “You’ll see! Someday I’ll work for a blog!” And they’d yell back, “What’s a blog?!” and then punch me in my nerdly stomach. Ah, good times. 

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