Girl repellant has 8GB of memory, 1.8-inch screen


Here it is, fellas. You’ve been waiting ages for the ultimate statement piece to wear on your wrist that’ll keep the ladies away for good so you can concentrate on D&D and WoW and watching swimming videos.

Anyway, this watch has a humongous (for a wrist) 1.8-inch screen, plays videos at 20 FPS in the very, very popular MTV format (sarcasm) and also features voice recording, 2.5mm headphone jack, plays music and it even tells you the time.

Also, that crack about it repelling girls might be off-base because there’s a girl modeling the watch on Chinavasion’s website (link below). She seems like she’d be down for some D&D. The watch costs $85.71 and ships from far, far away.

Ultimate Style 8GB Steel MP4 Player Watch – 1.8 Inch Screen [CVSL-001-8] – From China [Chinavasion] via GeekAlerts