Android amazes stuffy BBC: "I say, jolly good!" says reporter

Although the rest of the world has already gotten their fill of Google’s up-and-coming phone OS/paperweight the BBC just got an exclusive look at some pre-alpha hardware that may or may not really be running Android natively. Queen’s Knight Sir Darren Waters III Esq. Adm. writes:

Google says they are driving the Android initiative because they want to see internet-style development on mobile platforms in the way that the openness of the web has given rise to Facebook and the Web 2.0 movement which should be able to migrate to the mobile phone.

Of course, coming in at the ground level of Android will give Google plenty of opportunity to tailor its own applications.

No-one company dominates the mobile web as yet – perhaps this is Google’s chance.

As we all know, this is much like saying “perhaps this is Ford’s turn to dominate the mobile phone market,” wagering that any company with money and a general understanding of technology can create a phone OS, but that’s just me being pessimistic. Palm made a hole and I think Google may be able to fill it, but it’s going to be hard going.

Under the bonnet of Android [BBC]