Bungie not giving up on Halo 3, wants to kick COD 4's ass


Just because Bungie is out on its own doesn’t mean they’re abandoning their baby, Halo 3, just yet. A new map pack is due in the Spring, but they’re getting their ass beat by COD 4 on the Xbox Live charts.

“We have a lot of awesome new content coming up. We’re not walking away from Halo 3,” Bungie’s community lead Brian Jarrard told Eurogamer last week at GDC.

“We have a group of people at the studio that are just focused on keeping the game going strong for the foreseeable future, so I think we’ll continue to evolve and I expect there to be a back-and-forth [between us and COD4] for a while.”

The Bungie folks are COD fans, too. Let’s see what happens. I don’t think I’ve played H3 in a couple months.

Bungie hopes to knock COD4 off top spot [Euro gamer]