MacBooks with Multitouch tomorrow, sure, but what about the rest of us?

If you’re like me, you’re awaiting to potential sting that will come with the new MacBooks tomorrow, as they’re supposed to feature the same multitouch trackpad that the MacBook Air has. You’ll be jealous, see, because your MacBook that you just bought won’t have that neat technology.

Or will it? When we were at MacWorld a month ago, I had a few minutes with a product manager for the MacBook Air and I asked him a few questions about its unique touchpad. Though he wouldn’t tell me who made it for Apple (though now that should be easy to figure out), he did mention that hardware-wise it’s nothing different than what other laptops used. All the multitouch is in the software.

So then,besides new hardware, should we expect a software update for current MacBook and MacBook Pro owners as well? And if so, will it be free, or is Apple going to pull another $20 upgrade fee? We’re thinking that it’s likely.

But is it worth it, is the question. I used the cool multitouch when we were there, and while it’s cool, I fail to see how it’s any more or less useful than a regular mouse and keyboard combo. But what if it’s programmable?

It’s entirely possible that the announcement, if there is one, might include an SDK or some other kit that would allow developers or even users to map out their own gestures. That, friends, would be interesting.

I’ve placed a call into my friendly Apple leaker, but he/she has nothing on the software side of things. He/she can divulge that there are indeed a few new SKUs being entered into his system today, but the stats are still not known, let alone any new software.

Tune in tomorrow and see what happens.