EA's Deadspace being turned into comic book: survival horror for the obsessive


That space survival horror (wha?) game by EA, Deadspace, will have its own comic book series starting next month. Personally, I know little about the game (other than what’s on Wikipedia) and even less about comic books writ large. The guys behind the comic, Ben Templesmith and Antony Johnston, are famous in the comic book world (again, thank you, Wikipedia), with Templesmith being the artiste behind such works as Fell and 30 Days of Night and Johnston writing Wasteland.

This media cross-polinization leads me to believe a few things. One, EA sees the game as being popular with the comic book crowd, which, to my knowledge (with friends into that whole scene), is a very picky bunch; they’re hardcore gamers likely to own obscure games like Rez and Mario Paint. Two, EA is confident enough of the game’s universe and story that it licensed it out to be turned into a comic book. That’s a positive signal about the game’s quality. Plus, survival horror, when executed well, is pretty great, probably my favorite genre after fighting games. I was a Tekken 3 addict, pretty much.

Deadspace [EA]