Digital Tattoo Interface: creepy concept that runs on blood


Concepts are usually beyond me since I have enough real gadgetry to get me worked up, but once in a while I’ll come across a few things that catch my attention. The Polaroid concept from yesterday is something I’ve been raving about to friends and I hope it comes to fruition. The other happens to be this digital tattoo interface submitted by Jim Mielke for the Greener Design Competition.

The mockup photos explain this concept in greater detail, so I’ll give you a short synopsis of what it is and what it does. The DTI is a Bluetooth device that’s embedded under the skin that’s powered by blood and oxygen. For example, an incoming call will illuminate the display of a mobile phone on your arm and displays video while you’re on the call of the person on the other end. It also monitors your vitals to warn you in case something is wrong. It’s a crazy concept, right? But it just might work.


Digital Tattoo Is Conceptual, Questionable [Geekologie]