New BitTorrent feature to nullify Comcast's traffic shaping


BitTorrent users were never likely to take Comcast’s measures lying down.

Developers of various BitTorrent applications are working on a mechanism that will defeat (or hopes to defeat) Comcast’s packet interruptions. When Comcast users begin to seed, Comcast injects an RST flag that kill the upload. So Comcast users can download (from non-Comcast users) but can’t upload, thereby ruining their Torrenting experience. The in-development measure will encrypt the connection, making it so that Comcast’s current efforts are nullified.

BitTorrent, Inc., the “legitimate” BitTorrent company is also working on the fix since Comcast’s measures don’t discriminate between piracy and non-piract Torrents.

There’s no release date for when BitTorrent clients will have the new feature.

BitTorrent Developers Introduce Comcast Busting Encryption [TorrentFreak via The Register]