Rush Limbaugh wants Apple to fix several Leopard bugs


Rush Limbaugh needs your help, Apple . He can’t get Back to My Mac or Time Machine to work properly.

The radio talk show host spent some time on his show recently pleading with Apple to fix certain problems introduced with Leopard. For one, Time Machine, the automated backup app, doesn’t work with Limbaugh’s (Limbaugh says he “lives” in, partly because his hearing problem prevents him from adequately using the telephone.) Why can’t he go back in time to find an e-mail he accidentally deleted?

Secondly, Back to My Mac isn’t bringing Limbaugh any closer to his Macs. He’s got six of them and only one is properly working with the .Mac service; Limbaugh says all six Macs are identical. A feature not a bug?

Limbaugh’s politics aside, this news should be welcomed by Mac users. What could be better than to have a high-profile individual draw attention to software bugs in hopes of getting them fixed, hopefully with the next point release? (10.5.2 was released earlier this week.)

I don’t use either .Mac, and by extension Back to My Mac, nor do I use Time Machine, so I can’t say that I’ve replicated these problems. But numerous message boards and forums I’ve visited at least show that the problems Rush is having aren’t invented.

Now let’s see if Apple responds.

Spinning Beach Ball: Still Waiting for Steve Jobs [Rush Limbaugh via Slashdot]