Xbox 360 red ring of death repair kit from Team Xecuter


Team Xecuter, whose X2 Pro modchip I used on my Xbox1 back in the day, appears to have developed a kit that fixes red ring of death-affected Xbox 360s. The kit, which costs $12.95, includes all the necessary Torx screws to open your console. The kit was developed by an Xecuter member whose 360 rrod’d on him recently. Rather than send it in to Microsoft to be repaired, he tinkered with it, trying to figure out what went wrong.

The kit is said to have worked on 18 of 18 broken 360s.

If the kit works as advertised—it’s due for release “soon”—it would represent a better alternative to sending in your 360 to Microsoft. We all know how well that can sometimes go. At least it’s not a widespread problem or anything…

Team Xecuter Back from Dead: 360 ROD Repair Kit [Xbox-Scene]