Worms World Party coming out on N-Gage (again)


I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never played any of the titles from the “Worms” series but I’ve heard good things and my cousin John used to get all riled up about the games when we were younger.

Nokia’s just officially announced that Worms World Party will be available on the new N-Gage platform, just like it was on the old N-Gage platform. You’ll be able to play online against three other players via the N-Gage Arena service, which will include matchmaking features, a leaderboard, and friends lists. It’ll be available in the “first half of 2008.”

Here’s the complete press release from Nokia.

Nokia devices to host Worms World Party
February 14, 2008

THQ Wireless brings Worms to N-Gage games service

Woking, UK and Espoo, Finland – Nokia and THQ Wireless Inc. (wholly owned by THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI), a leading publisher of mobile games, announced an agreement to bring Team17’s Worms World Party to a range of Nokia devices through the N-Gage games service.

Adam Comiskey – International VP THQ Wireless commented, “Worms has always been a great success on mobile devices and the N-Gage technology has allowed us to produce the most advanced, faithful and visually impressive mobile edition of Worms to date.”

“Worms is an excellent fit with the new N-Gage service,” added Gregg Sauter, Director of 3rd party publishing, Nokia. “N-Gage is all about fun games that are easy to pick up and hard to put down – which is the Worms experience in a nutshell.”

Worms World Party will be massively updated from its original, award-winning N-Gage version and includes vibrant graphics allowing the player to visualize enemy terrain, while retaining all of the functionality in a reduced size. With N-Gage’s enhanced 3D gaming capabilities, Worms World Party levels sport a slick new look including the much-loved, hilarious Worm animations. New for this outing is the addition of the zany Worms voice taunts which really bring the game to life.

Worms World Party features six level themes inspired by the best of the Worms series featuring the hot lava fields of hell, the freezing ice caverns, an arid desert, pirate islands, alien space worlds and tribal rock environments. Fans will also enjoy all the classic weapons, including the Super Sheep and the much fabled Holy Hand-Grenade.

On N-Gage Arena, up to four players can compete with one another across the globe with online death-match gaming. Online options will include matchmaking to help easily find people to play, a friends list and a high-score leaderboard.

Worms World Party also takes advantage of the new N-Gage Points feature that rewards skilful players for in-game achievements such as battling enemies and retaining all their Worm crew, or blasting multiple adversary Worms in a single move.

Worms World Party for N-Gage is expected to be available in the first half of 2008.

Nokia devices to host Worms World Party [Nokia Press Release]