Not yet real cellphone powered by kinetic energy


Biggs has been talking phones all week, but this phone, the Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone, isn’t real. It’s only a render, a mock-up, and looks like something the Legion of Doom would use. (It also looks better than damn near everything that came out of Barcelona this week.) Its gimmick is that it’s charged by kinetic energy—you need to movie it around in order for it to get charged, much like a watch, which necessarily means that it’s susceptible to dying on you if not properly taken care for. Imagine that, missing an important call because you forgot to run a marathon with it in your pocket. An exaggeration, yes, but something to think about. Not that much thinking is required at all, being that the phone is just a fancy-looking render for us to gawk at.

Kinetic Cell Phone [Yanko Design]