There's still hope for PS2 backwards compatibility


This month’s Electronic Gaming Monthly has an interview with PlayStation Network director Eric Lempell. Among other things, Lempell wants the world to know that PS3 backwards compatibility isn’t quite dead yet. (The 40GB PS3 killed backwards compatibility.) He says there may be a way through software emulation and other forms of wizardry for all PS3 models to play PS2 games. More importantly, the 40GB model won’t prevent Sony for eventually releasing PS2 games on its online store like it does with PS1 games.

Nothing’s been confirmed or anything, just that Sony recognizes it’s in its best interest to make good with gamers. Now there’s a foreign idea.

Like I said, the full interview is in EGM, which I can’t find online just yet, on Usenet or the ProQuest database. When the PDF shows up (or 1UP re-publishes it), I’ll point y’all in the right direction.

Is PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibility Dead? Maybe Not [Kotaku]