Texas Instruments debuts pair of high-end video chips for portable devices


Texas Instruments is getting hardcore about supporting next-gen cellphone video, unveiling a duo of chips that could allow cellphones to record and project high-def content.

Microprojecting is the next logical step for portable digital video. Sure, the Nokia 810s and iPod Touches of the world look great, but they’re personal players. Microprojecting would all a small group of people to watch simultaneously, and, in theory, it would make for smaller devices.

TI’s second chip allows for HD recording from cellphone cameras. Typically, the best cellphone cams produce VGA or worse video. But with faster chips inside, users of the future will be able to capture and play back HD video on the go, making the “phone” part of a cellphone more and more irrelevant.

TI unveils chips for cell projector, HD recording [Reuters]