Sony Ericsson's two girls I'd go home with: the G700 and G900


I’ve liked UIQ for years and, as we all know, I’m not a WinMo man. Therefore, I was most interested in the new G-series “soccer mom” phones, the G700 and G900. Sadly, as we noticed, these phones will come out in the next few months and not, unlike the X1, in “six months.” This means that the G-series probably won’t hit our shores while S-E is prepping the X1 for FCC testing for release in the U.S.

The G-series phones have nice cameras, a unique, usable interface, and touch and stylus support. They’re mostly handwriting based so you can go without a keyboard and the little “jot a note” idea is pretty cool, unlike the “9 windows into your phone’s soul, but when you click on them WinMo pops up like a boil” that they’re trying to sell as a feature on the X1.