Help-Key: How to make a book into a sexy, nerdy gift box for Valentine's Day

I am a single blogger. I have no girlfriend or even anyone I’m actively dating, so this Valentine’s Day I’m going to be drinking whiskey at a rock show here in Seattle with a couple cute girls I know as we commiserate about being in that unenviable position. But you, you’re a stud. You’ve got a wife or girlfriend, some of you both, and you need to impress her on the 14th.

And as you’re a CrunchGear reader, she’s likely compatible with your geeky sensibilities. That’s why you need to find a gift to express your love and also your shared interest in classic dot matrix printers. Or something.

What ever kinky and geeky thing you come up with, you’ll want to use a nifty presentation. The video above shows you an excellent way to make hollowed out sexy book into a thoughtful, neat way to get a gift, complete with music playback.

Normally on Help-Key we try these things out and document them for your enjoyment and education, but since that would send me into tears and sadness, we’re not today.

That being said, I’d love if some of you more fortunate guys (and girls!) were to try this out and tell us here how it goes. Just because I’m not happy doesn’t mean you can’t be.

In essense, you cut a hole in a book, put your sexy inside, and make a little playback device out of Radio Shack parts. If you’re signif is geeky enough, he/she will just eat it up. All that thought and effort will pay off, and you’ll owe it all to me. And the video above. And to your good looks. It was my charm, though.