Dell (??) to show Android phone (??) at MWC (??)

We got a tip in last night regarding the possible, rumored launch of a super-secret Dell product that runs Android. First off, Dell makes Axim’s and that’s about it. Second off, Google isn’t even at MWC but I think Android is on the floor but is definitely not at any Dell location I can espy. Rumor and innuendo, I suspect.

My brother is senior level management at dell and says they are building the hardware for google’s phone. The first demo is set for Monday in a highly controlled environment with no cameras, full nda’s, etc. No idea on launch date, but he says they (Dell) understand they need to get in to mobile so they’ve struck a deal with google on the hardware side figuring thry can parlay that in to brand loyalty with dell so they quit losing young folks to apple/Mac.

Obviously, you don’t know me from Adam, but my brother is a trustworthy guy not prone to embellishing things. This came up as we were talkin about my desire to get an iphone.