Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers.

Jay Garmon on Tech Republic: Giant robots are stupid. CrunchGear: STFU

I stand by my smack talk, gear nerds. You and your anime-spewin’, Asimo-tossin’ Japanese techpeddlers don’t scare me.

Also, love the site, and thanks for the linkage.

Trae Dorn on NAVISURFER II in-dash computer with moving screen

Multiuse-in-car-computers are probably the worst idea ever invented by mankind.

That and NFL football on Saturdays.

Jim Mirkalami on The Non-Mug Mug Won’t Burn Your Fingers

I have been a frequent visitor of this blog for some time now, so I thought it would be a good idea to leave you with my thanks.

Jim Mirkalami