The US army's open source woes

I don’t think anyone thought that converting an entire military-industrial complex to Linux would be easy. Well, now we know for sure it’s hard, and it seems that they forget to check whether their new free and open-source-based systems would play nice with their Windows-based legacy software.

Apparently they chose Linux for their new multi-billion-dollar program because they didn’t want to be “beholden” to Microsoft, but forgot that Microsoft already be holdin’ way more of their money already because they’ve been using Windows systems for years. The plan now is to get some kind of corporate Win-friendly flavor of linux (Red Hat got tapped) to bridge the gap. Good, we wouldn’t want a software incompatibility in the navigation software to cause a Colonel panic. (wocka wocka wocka)

US Army struggles with Windows to Linux overhaul [The Register]