Tech Republic: Giant robots are stupid. CrunchGear: STFU


Nerds, we have a new enemy. He’s a blogger for the Tech Republic who claims that giant robots are stupid. Read that again: he claims that giant robots are stupid. It is time for a mechanical jihad, readers.

His reasoning is that bipedal robots are stupid because other means of motivation are superior, which might be true. He says that robot hands are stupid, because what’s a giant robot going to grab with them? And then that the sizes are stupid, what’s a building-sized robot going to fight?

The answer is other building-sized robots, of course, who also have hands for grappling as well as legs for kicking. Let’s see what kind of damage you can do in your “tank” with its “treads” while I’m giving you a roundhouse to the turret.

Giant robots are excellent, as readers of CrunchGear know. This guy just doesn’t get the point. When the robot overlords from Japan invade, he’ll be changing his tune.

Sci-Fi Rant: Giant robots are stupid [Tech Republic]