Sony shrinks Bravia technology down to three inches


If you live in Japan and you like mobile digital television, you’re probably going to think at least once (maybe twice) about Sony’s new little XDV-D500 handheld TV. It’s got a 3-inch screen and uses Sony’s Bravia technology to showcase some mighty fine moving picture elements via the “OneSeg” digital TV service in Japan.

Not enough? Okay, well you can also record up to ten hours of video using the tiny TV’s programming guide. Plus, there’s AM and FM radio too. Battery life for the XDV-D500 clocks in at eight hours for TV, 27 hours for FM radio, and 34 hours for AM.

Sony has also announced a smaller, non-Bravia TV with a 2-inch screen called the XDV-G200. Both the XDV-D500 and the XDV-G200 will be available on April 10th (in Japan only) for $355 and $280, respectively.

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