More info, screens on free-to-play Battlefield Heroes


I just got the issue of Games for Windows in the mail with Battlefield Heroes on the cover. In it is a long feature explaining the ins and outs of the game. It sounds pretty great, very easy to pick up and play for the person who doesn’t have dozens of hours a week to devote to a video game. That should be anyone over the age of 16. Some neat things I noticed:

• The game will have classes. You’ll have an overall-ok Soldier, not too strong, not too fast, sorta in right in the middle. There’s the Commando, who sneaks around and snipes and can sorta disappear, but has less hit points (like a Rogue in WoW). Lastly, there’s the Commando, who’s a tank. Lots of armor, lots of firepower but slow-moving.

• You can buy certain amenities. The example given was a power-up that helps you speed up your leveling; you’ll never be able to buy a giant bazooka.

• Maps are smaller than your typical FPS. That’s done to reduce time between going from your re-spawn point to a firefight.

I guess the mag will be on store shelves in the coming days. I ripped one page to give you an idea of what the game look’s like and fully expect the publisher to tell us to take it down.

A hi-res version of that picture up there can be found here. A different pic can be found here. Thank you.

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