Asus saving the world again with energy-efficient mobo

asusp5egreen.jpgAsus has some green ambitions. Last time it was bamboo laptops, now it’s power-saving mobos. Their P5E3 Premium mobo has all the features you’d want in a good motherboard (I can’t see how many SATA slots though) in addition to a new hardware power monitor that is said to increase energy efficiency by up to 50% and reduce consumption by up to 80%. Big claims for an as-yet unproven technology, but if it’s true, I wouldn’t feel so bad about leaving my box on overnight to download stuff or defrag.

This efficiency comes at a price, though: the P5E3 is priced at $370, which is like $150 more than I paid for my top-of-the-line mobo a few months ago. I think it falls under the same category as a hybrid Lexus.

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