Nokia’s Gaming and Social Networking Services Now Available

The world’s largest cellphone manufacturer, Nokia, has expanded its mobile Internet services by launching its new N-Gage gaming service and social networking site Share on Ovi, today. The gaming service and media sharing site are a large part of Nokia’s strategy to create mobile services under its new Ovi brand.

The social networking site will allow users to share photos and videos. The site uses technology acquired from U.S. firm Twango, a spokesman for Nokia said.

Unlike other handset makers, Nokia is moving into the content space with services like music or file sharing site Mosh, where millions have downloaded audio, video and document files. The Ovi brand is expected to add to the success of Mosh.

Nokia had trouble launching the gaming service last year. It was delayed twice because of software testing problems. Owners of Nokia’s N81 multimedia phone will now be able to download games carried by Nokia. In the near future, other Nokia models will be capable of utilizing the gaming service.

When talking of the N81, Nokia spokesman Damian Stathonikos said, “It’s the most gaming-optimized device.”