Matt Hickey endorses the Col-Pop


This is, hands down, the hottest convergence device I’ve seen in months. I loves me some chicken nuggets and pop, but I only have two hands and I’m usually multi-tasking so what the heck am I supposed to do? Enter the Col-Pop from BBQ Chicken. The South Korean chain is thinking ahead knowing the American public will want these immediately. You can pick from 20- or 32-ounce cups and fill them up with chicken nuggets, spaghetti (WTF?!), french fries or fried mozzarella balls. Be sure to gobble up those nuggets because condensation can be a problem and who wants a soggy nugget? Certainly not Matt Hickey. Watch as he demonstrates the Col-Pop in the video.


Snack to the Future: The Col-Pop, an All-in-One Chicken Nugget and Soda Cup [Serious Eats]