Greystripe Adds Ten New Distribution Partners

Greystripe announced today that it has added ten new distribution partners for Greystripe’s AdWRAP Catalog Platform. Greystripe is the world’s largest distributor of ad-supported mobile games and applications. 40 partners now account for 85% of all downloads of Greystripe titles.

AdWRAP was launched a year ago and now has 40 partners including Zedge, Cellware, Tagtag, Funformobile,, Kobrawap, Lasyk, Esato, MobileRated and Buzzcity. Greystripe’s own site,, accounts for the other 15% of downloads.

“We partnered with Greystripe because they are the clear leader in bringing ad-supported mobile games to the world, “said John Ferber, CEO of Cellware.”Our mobile community is hungry for high quality mobile content, and now we can provide the content they want for free.”

The AdWRAP Catalog Platform enables mobile Web sites, Internet portals, mobile applications, wireless carriers, and social communities to distribute Greystripe’s catalog of over 900 mobile games to their users. The Platform is a hosted and customizable combination of mobile Web and Internet technologies that can be tailored to the look and feel of any site.

“Greystripe has demonstrated a demand from both consumers and publishers, that ad-supported content is a viable way to spur mobile content adoption,” Julien Theys, Research Analyst of Mobile Media’s Screen Digest.

“We’re all moving the mobile industry forward by fostering the ad-supported content business model, educating and engaging the end user,” says Alvaro Bravo, VP of Business Development at Greystripe. “Our strategy is to syndicate our catalog to gain the widest reach for our advertisers with a highly engaged audience.”

Juniper Research predicted last week that mobile games sales will increase in North America from less that $800 million to over $3 billion by 2012. Free demos and ad supported games are two of the business models that will fuel the expansion of mobile gaming. Greystripe is positioning itself to take advantage of the future demand for downloadable handset games.