Comcast doesn't want you to read this post


Yesterday, we got a note from our contact form from a reader about how Comcast was screwing his grandpa out of watching the Superbowl. Sic throughout:

I could care less about football. My grandfather in Boca Raton Florida
however loves it. He unfortunately has comcast which has been in and out of
service three times now during the super bowl, the worst being for at least
fifteen minutes. They shut down their customer service line and it goes at
least to Deerfield. I have set up some ol bunny ears in his kitchen in case
of another outtage… Thank god its not 2009.

In addition, my Internet connection at home has been out since Friday afternoon. My TV works just fine, but I have no Internet access, and Comcast couldn’t get a field tech out to me until later today, which is great for guys like me who make their living on the Internet.

Comcast has been sucking in the customer service field for, like, ever, but now the Consumerist has found something you can do about it. They’ve published the numbers of 26 Comcast employees and departments that allow you to cut through the poorly trained, script-reading phone drones and get right through to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

How I wish I’d had Internet access to find these numbers earlier. Thanks, Comcast!

26 Secret Comcast Supervisor Phone Numbers [Consumerist]