Flickr users freak out over Microsoft-Yahoo! deal

Me either

Didn’t people complain when Yahoo! bought Flickr in 2005? These same folks are at it again, claiming the sale of Yahoo! to Microsoft will destroy their favorite photo sharing service. Some users are apparently at odds with Microsoft’s online ethos as it were—trying to come up with a service to mach another, already existing service. See Windows Live QnA and Yahoo! Answers. (TechCrunch predicted which Yahoo! services would be replaced by Microsoft ones.)

“Microsoft is not a customer oriented company, they’re an enterprise company,” said one terrified users.

You know what? Don’t use the service if you’re so upset. No reason to scream bloody murder because you spell Microsoft “M$.” Wait and see before you complain like a child.

Flickr Rebellion Brews at Specter of M$ Acquisition [Compiler Wired]