Gamestrata site tries to community-ize gamers even further


German chemical corp BASF had (has?) a slogan, “We don’t make many of the products you use; we make them better.” Something to that effect. The recently launched Gamestrata has a similar slogan. “We don’t make the games you are playing; we just want to make the games you are playing better!” It’s a pretty bold claim, but judging by the 18 seconds I spent on the site it could be spot on.

It’s sorta hard to describe, but it’s like a meta site for gamers. It tries to go beyond the usual gaming site M.O. of news, previews and interviews; it tries to involve you, the gamer, into a larger gaming community. Really hack sounding, I realize, but once it’s fully rolled out—not all features are available for al games quite yet—it could be worth checking out, especially if you’re into community stuff.

[UPDATE]: We just got a note from Gamestrata. We know you like to be early adopters, so they’re giving CrunchGear readers instant access. Just email support at gamestrata dot com and mention you heard about it on CrunchGear, and you’re all set. Let us know what you think!