Alphamusic record label gives away music, says iTunes Store doesn't play fair


Wow, a record label that gets it. I’m stunned.

The Flashbulb, an electronic music artist and CEO of the Alphabasic record label, has released his latest album for free. I grabbed it off a few minutes ago. Releasing an album for free isn’t exactly a new thing (see “In Rainbows,” essentially), but it’s the mentality behind the release that’s worth noting.

In a letter included with the download, Alpharecord’s CEO says that it’s currently in a legal dispute with Apple regarding iTunes Store payment. Apparently the label has yet to receive any sort of royalty payments off the sale of its artists’ music. In a general sense, if you’re determined to buy a physical CD, you’re better off buying directly from the label. That way, the artists see as much money from the sale with the fewest red tape to go through. Something about retailers making eight times as much money per album sale as the guys and girls who actually made it.

As for the album, Soundtrack to a Vacant Life, I think it’s good. It’s sorta not my style but I enjoyed it.