Tech-On interviews Casio's EX-F1 product guru, with interesting results

At MacWorld, I got a little hands-on time with Casio’s interesting new hybrid camera, the EX-F1. It’s not a DSLR, nor is it a point-n-shoot, but it has many features of both. It’s also a great high-speed picture taker, with speeds of up to 600 frames per second. I was impressed by it, despite its high price.

Tech-On has a great interview with Jin Nakayama, one of the product managers of the camera, and he’s made an interesting claim: the day of the shutter on camera is done. And it makes sense: CCDs don’t really need one, they’re a hold-over from an analog age.

It’s an interesting interview, and you’ll learn more about this amazing camera, as well as see some new videos of it in action.

[Interview] Casio: There Is No Need for Camera Shutter [Tech-On!]