U2's manager: Piracy is the fault of the ISPs!


While Bono is using technology to help eradicate AIDS in developing countries, his band’s manager is having a hard time of it. See, he hates Internet piracy. He believes ISPs should keep file sharers from sharing files. He believes that the labels and world government have created “thieves’ cartels” by not penalizing service providers for monitoring and disabling illegal tracks that pass across their network.

He needs to shut the hell up.

His argument is akin to blaming Ford for making a bank robber’s quality gettaway vehicle. Technically, yes, the Gran Torino did assist in the theft, but it was the individual who mounted the larceny that is truly to blame. Thus, it’s not the fault of Dave and Sam’s Discount Internet Access that these songs are shared and downloaded, but the fault of the people who are running the BitTorrent app or Limewire.

This man doesn’t get it.

U2 manager ‘wants end to piracy’ [BBC]