T-Mobile Subscriptions near 1 Million Mark in 4Q

T-Mobile USA added 951,000 subscriptions between October and December of 2007. This gives the country’s fourth largest mobile phone company a subscription customer base of 28.7 million. T-Mobile’s sales were up 14.6% over 2006 numbers.

Shareholders of Deutsche Telekom AG, the T-Mobile parent company, were asking for the sale of T-Mobile USA last year. Chief Executive Rene Obermann fended off those demands last June, saying that T-Mobile USA can add 5 million new subscribers by the end of 2007. T-Mobile USA fell short of that goal and only sold 3.6 million subscriptions in all of 2007.

T-Mobile USA’s growth did outdo the 9% growth that Deutsche Telekom posted in the European market. Since November, T-Mobile’s German unit sold 70,000 iPhones. T-Mobile is the exclusive iPhone provider in Germany. Worldwide, Deutsche Telekom has 119.6 million subscribers.