Nokia buys Trolltech

Remember Trolltech? Well, someone just bought them and that someone is Nokia.

Trolltech originally made the QTopia AKA Qt operating system, a Linux-based OS for smartphones. If you had a PDA in the early 2000s you probably tried to install it and, unlike me, had a bit of fun with Tux on your iPaq. Well, now they’re owned wholly by Nokia.

This doesn’t mean they’ll stop production of Qt — it’s on the Mylo and it’s all over Asia — but I suspect this might be a move to counter Android as a “cheap/free” alternative OS on Nokia smartphones.

Nokia intends to continue to enhance Trolltech products through active and ongoing development, for both desktop and mobile. To further stimulate industry innovation based on Trolltech’s products, Nokia plans to continue to license Trolltech technology under both commercial and open source licenses.

Press Release