Nikon knows when you've blinked


PMA is three days away and Nikon, like everyone else else, is spilling the beans ahead of time to create some buzz. Also added to the Coolpix line is the S550, which is a 10-megapixel point-and-shoot with a 5x zoom Nikkor lens, electronic vibration reduction aka image stabilization and two new shooting modes that are sure to get you the best portrait shots ever. The Smile and Blink Warning modes pretty much do what you’d expect. The smile mode snaps a pic once it senses your subjects are showing their pearly whites and if one of them happens to blink then you get a warning message so you can take another one. ISO on the S550 goes up to 2000. The 2.5-inch LCD features a 170 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle.

The Coolpix S550 comes in plum, cool blue and graphite black. Storage is taken care of by SD/SDHC formats and comes with an EN-EL 10 rechargeable Li-ion battery. Look for it next month for $229.95.