Yet another gorgeous lens I can't possibly afford

I like it, but really now, six thousand dollars?

Canon has released the successor to the previous (and excellent) 200mm F1.8 L lens. It seems a little strange that they’d replace a F1.8 with a F2, but consider that they have added Optical Image Stabilization while at the same time lightening it and making it more weather-resistant. And that’s why it costs $6,000. I’m not convinced yet of the efficacy of OIS, but that’s just because I’m a curmudgeon who wants to shoot film through an old steel 85mm F1.4 lens. Time to move on to the new era, I guess. I just have to rob a bank to afford it. And don’t even get me started on the 800mm.

Canon USA Introduces Two Highly Anticipated Telephoto Lenses at PMA 2008