Tech President Primaries Drawing To A Close; Endorsements Next Week

We are nearing the end of our TechCrunch Tech President Primary that we rolled out last month. Next week we’ll announce the results from the primary, and also endorse the candidate from each party that has the most favorable overall policies on ten key technology issues.

We’ve had great blogger and mainstream press coverage (see video clips on the primaries site), including SF Chronicle coverage this week.

If you haven’t voted yet, review the candidates positions on the issues and place your vote.

We’ve talked directly with many of the leading candidates – Barack Obama, John McCain, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich. Notably absent are Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul – we’re still hoping to record podcasts with them before the endorsements are made.

For additional information resources, check out Yahoo’s Election Dashboard, Political Base and TechPresident (unaffiliated with us).