Study finds that two out of three of Commodore's gaming PCs are tastefully designed

I’m not usually a fan of custom-painted cases — too often they are some Night Elf chick showing cleavage or else something like an eagle clutching a flag, and they all look like velvet paintings. But Commodore seems to have the right idea with these cases. Now, I’m not a “brown Zune” kind of guy, but the Space Invaders motif really sells the color here. And the other one has got the light-writer thing on it that is simultaneously abstract and current.

Of course, when you’re shelling out over $1,500, you better be getting some good specs too. And I’d say in this case you’re getting, well, not shafted, but you could find the parts for less than the whole. I used to run with Alienware so I can vouch for pre-made systems being solid, but they do tend to overcharge you (for $2500 I expect Quad-Core and SLI). I’ve got better hardware in my box and it cost me less than a grand. Still, those cases are pretty bomb.

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