Batman set to perish in issue #676


Are you ready for “Batman R.I.P.”? Oh, hell no!!!

Beginning the epic story that will change the legend of the Dark Knight forever! Everything in Grant Morrison’s groundbreaking run on Batman has been leading to this story, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Who will live? Who will die? Who will be Batman? The answers are sure to shock you in “Batman R.I.P.,” featuring artwork by Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea and covers by Alex Ross.

I’m not so sure I can handle Batman dying. It was bad enough when Superman was killed off and then Captain America last year. I know some heroes have a way of coming back, but if you kill off Bruce Wayne then that story is done and I refuse to pay one cent for the issue where some jackass takes over as the Dark Knight. I was worried enough about whether or not the subsequent movies after The Dark Knight would survive after the Joker’s death due to overdosing, but now I have to stress over the comic.

Variant cover for Batman #676 [Comic Bloc]