LetsGoDigital details latest Pentax DSLRs

Looks like LGD has the scoop on Pentax’s yet-to-be-debuted DSLRs. Not sure how accurate this is, but Pedro believes lightning can strike twice as he claims he found the specs on the Olympus E410 and E510 on LGD last year by manipulating the URL. I think he’s full of poo, but I have nothing to back it up. Dare to be disappointed? Waiting for ecstasy? Links look busted, though.

Resolution 15.10 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 4672×3120
Minimum resolution 1824×1216
Sensor size 23.4×15.6mm
Sensor type CMOS
ISO ratings auto, 100 – 6400
Sequence (fps) 3
Video function No
LCD size 2.7-inch
LCD resolution (pixels) 230,000
Weight 715g.
Sizes (mm) 141.5x101x70

Resolution 10.75 Mpixel
Maximum resolution 3872×2592
Minimum resolution 2400×1600
Sensor size 23.5×15.7mm
Sensor type CCD
ISO ratings aut0, 100-1600
Minimum shutter (sec) Bulb+30
Maximum shutter (sec) 1/4000
Sequence (fps) 2.8
LCD size 2.7-inch
LCD resolution (pixels) 230,000
4x AA
Weight 630g.
Sizes (mm) 133.5x95x74

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