Team Xtender's XCM High Speed Air Cooler now works with HDMI'd 360s


Some Xbox 360s have a problem with overheating (which explains the red ring of death), making external cooling systems not entirely a waste of money. Xtender’s latest cooler, the XCM High Speed Air Cooler, now works with 360s that have an HDMI port. Yay.

This particular cooler cools the internal organs of the 360, including the problematic CPU and GPU, so it’s not just a surface cooler. It even monitors the system’s temperature, adjusting the fan speed accordingly.

Now you need to ask yourself if you really want an awkward-looking fan attached to the back of your 360, especially since it’s not a guarantee against the RRoD. (In fact, weren’t third-party cooling fans partly blamed for some RRoDs? That’s what I remember reading.)

High Speed Air Cooler V2 [Team Xtender via Xbox-Scene]