OurStage Brings User Picked Content To Joost

ourstage.jpgIndie music and film site OurStage has announced a new content partnership with Joost that will see user picked content offered to Joost users.

Under the deal, OurStage will offer four channels on Joost: Best of OurStage Shorts, Best of OurStage Comedy, OurStage Music Videos and OurStage Artist Access. The channels will give Joost users access to 10 OurStage Artists on each channel and exclusive content including music festival coverage & advice from established musicians & filmmakers.

OurStage launched in March 2007 and lets users rank and buy Inide songs and video. Artists upload their content, which users then judge – two snippets are heard/ watched and the user votes for which one he or she likes the best. The result are constantly updated in to top lists of songs. The top songs overall or by category are then listed on the site, and prizes are given to the top artists each month.

See our November 2007 review of their iPhone offering here.